So after first receiving  delivery of The Psychedelic Eye back into our possession at the offices of our solicitors Brabners in Liverpool on the 6th July 2012, the ‘eye’ was then transported down to a secret location in Oxfordshire on the 13th July 2012 to undergo full restoration, and where the television camera’s [again] were waiting to do a feature inclusion!

On an earlier page I did say that The Psychedelic Eye was in ‘good’ condition albeit minus its original purpose built frame when I first viewed it after some 26 years, and it was. However what I did not mention was that it had been previously cut into sections so when I greeted and welcomed The Psychedelic Eye back in Oxfordshire it was by way of it being in  8 boxes each containing sections. Fortunately it had been sectioned off very carefully without damage or distortion.

John Lennon’s - The Psychedelic Eye

After designing his Psychedelic Eye John then had his mosaic installed onto the deep end wall of his out door swimming pool so that it could clearly be seen and enjoyed. Photographs on the Internet show that the psychedelic eye could be seen from John’s Blue Room.

The Psychedelic Eye consists of approximately 17,000 small differently coloured mosaic tiles, each tile less than ¾ inch square/1.9 centimetres, and overall The Psychedelic Eye measures approximately 16 feet/4.88 metres in length by 6 feet/1.83 metres in height

and its weight approximately 220 lbs/100 kg

Clicking clapperboard icon to the left you will see a video of the mosaic in situ in the pool as the workmen begin removing the eye, tile by tile, transferring each tile onto a specially designed and constructed frame for The Psychedelic Eye to be able to go on public display for all to see. This footage is courtesy of, and with thanks to  the web site Kenwood [link on earlier page], and also with a big thanks to whoever had kept this footage long thought  lost. The footage was originally shot by and broadcast in 1985 on Thames Television following my setting the feature up. I had a VHS copy but frustratingly have been unable to track it down so far.

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Removed from the pool and placed onto its specially designed frame, The Psychedelic Eye was ready for its journey to the festival gardens in Liverpool. The Psychedelic Eye was to be accompanied on exhibition by the John Lennon - Blue Room Window Frame as this had been removed from the attic [studio] window due to the frames deteriorating condition, it was also felt this was an item of great interest for people to see.The Blue Room itself has long since gone!

What follows is…..well you just have to read it to believe it!!….

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